Hoop it up!  LbNA # 30211

OwnerK Frog    
Placed DateApr 20 2007
Location???, MN
Found By ???
Last Found May 1 2009
Hike Distance?

Revised the end of the hunt and moved box July 8, 2007.

Don't forget your compass!

To find the Twin Cities suburb where this box is hidden, brush up on your men's NCAA Basketball knowledge. The first letter in the town name, is the same as the first letter in the name of the state that won the tourney in 2006. In the 7th position of the town name, is the first letter of the name of the mascot for the team who won the tourney in 2007. Second to last letter in this 10 letter town name is the last letter of the state name who lost the 2007 championship game. Need more? A river runs through it which starts with the letter V. This isn't all the basketball you'll need to know...

Once you know which town to drive to, head south on Denmark Avenue and find the fields named for former University of St. Thomas basketball coach. This man sadly passed away in early 2007. Park in the lot here. The sign will also say R??????? R???? Park.

Begin walking on the paved path to the south. At the Y, walk to the sign discussing an old mayor of this town.

1. What is the last number in the year he was first elected mayor?
2. In which year did he finish his term (skip the 19 part)?

As you walk, read and learn about some of the trees planted along this path.

3. What color will the fall foliage be on the River Birch?
4. Does any other tree grow taller than the Black Walnut?
5. What is the tallest the Black Walnut can grow?

When you get to the "same" sign you saw at the beginning of this walk, head East. See the rainbow under the bridge?

6. Count the panels that are the same color as the River Birch fall foliage. Which number foliage colored panel (as you are walking under the bridge - even though the sentence is going backwards) contains the second two letters of the last name of the head coach who won the 2007 men's NCAA basketball tourney?

Continue following the path but do not cross over a bridge. Ahoy?! See the Adventure Ship? Follow the path keeping the sometimes very busy ship on your right. At the T, head towards the ship and into the woods. As you walk, a path will merge from the left. Keep your course. Soon, you will come to a clearing where you can stand parallel to the large brown support (on your left) for overhead wires. You are winning this game! As you walk, stop at two trees growing side by side on the left of the path. They are about the same height and are touching the path at their base. Put the answer of question 1 next to the answer of question 6 to make a two digit number. Walk this many steps to another two trees growing close together on the left. Stop. Now walk the same number of steps as the height of the Black Walnut (question 5). Stop. Here, you need to know that this year in the basketball tourney (2007), I had hoped that the Badgers would go farther than they did.

7. Do you know which state the Badgers are from?

The tree on your right should look like the first letter in the state name the Badgers hail from.

Take out your compass lay it in the crook of the tree on your right. From this tree, walk about 55 steps at 290 degrees (you will enter the woods on the other side of the path that the mystery letter tree is on.) You will see a fallen tree, which is your target. Near its base, it is split. I have hidden the box in the split and put branches in the split to cover it up.

Please rehide well with lots of sticks and debris covering the box. This trail can be busy.
Happy Hunting!