Virginia Polytechnic Institute Series  LbNA # 30214

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateApr 20 2007
LocationEagle, ID
Found By The Mighty M's
Last Found May 22 2012
Hike Distance?

#2 and #3 replanted August 17, 2010. All are alive & well.

Placed by A-Bear on 20 April 2007 in honor of those slain this past week in the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech is nestled in the green hills of Blacksburg, VA in the southwest part of the state. I first visited there in July 2000 when I met my future husband for the first time. He is a Hokie alumni now and his mother currently works there. So as you can see, Virginia Tech has a special place in my heart. Ever since I’ve known J-Bear, MY family's question has been “What is a Hokie?” Their mascot, of course...check out this series of stamps to see more.

Hopefully during this adventure, you can take time to reflect on the positive parts of your life and enjoy the beautiful walk along the Boise River. Life is short and when tragedy strikes like it did in Blacksburg, I was very thankful that I could stop, reflect, carve this series and enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

Directions: From Eagle, travel south on Eagle Road from State Street. Cross the Boise River (north channel) and take an immediate right onto Mace Road and park in the dirt spots on your right.

VT-Take the trail to the tunnel under Eagle Road and head east along the greenbelt. You will eventually cross a red steel bridge. Once across, count 114paces/228steps to a No Trespassing Sign on the fence on the right. Another pace to a fragile 1.5’ tall stump. Inside under rocks & leaves & bark is the VT letterbox. Please ensure no one is coming from either direction before finding or rehiding this box.

VT Mourns (Replaced as of August 17, 2010)-Continue along this path. You’ll eventually see another red steel bridge up ahead on your left. Continue on until you come to the third red steel bridge. Turn around and head back along the trail. Round the corner and see the gate with No Trespassing sign on the left. Count 2 green stakes past it and at the base under a concrete slab is the VT box you seek. Watch out for the thorns on the bush as they ate me pretty good as I quickly hid this box. Hide well as it is out in the open. OOPS-I just realized as I typed this up that I recarved the WRONG stamp….so now there are two VTs…so much for trying to get anything done with babies in tow….not sure when I’ll get back to carve the correct image for you. So sorry about that, talk about my brain being dead these days.

Hokie Bird-(Replaced as of August 17, 2010-This box survived a forest fire…the logbook shows some remnants of that fire. J-Bear had to saw the remains out of the melted box, but the insides held up well.) So continue back on the trail and find the 2nd red steel bridge. Pass this bridge and look on the left for another gate with No Trespassing sign. Walk 14 paces/28 steps and notice a fallen log parallel to the fence down on your left. At its end under some rocks, lies the Hokie Bird. Add some more rocks to hide it better than I did as my kiddos were in serious meltdown mode at this point in our adventure.

Please let us know how your adventure turns out. I have such precious memories of my times at Virginia Tech. Hopefully you will too as a result of this letterboxing stroll.