My Nieces' Delights (1 is MISSING)  LbNA # 30215 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateApr 20 2007
LocationBoise, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 19 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by J&A-Bear.

We currently have two cute nieces who are both full of energy and stories. This series is in honor of both of them and the things they delight in.

Directions: Take Exit 54, Broadway Ave, from I84 and head north into Boise. Broadway eventually turns into Ave B, but stay on this road until you can turn right onto Warm Springs Ave. Turn left on Penitentiary Rd and follow signs to the Old Idaho Penitentiary parking lot. Start at the hiking information sign.

Abigael's delight: She loves horses and sent me this image so I simply had to carve it for her.

Clues (as of 5/2008 this box is Missing): Take the Old Pen Trail 15A up skirting the Old Penitentiary on your right. Eventually you’ll reach a “T” where a bench is across the trail from you. Behind the bench is a thin multi-trunked tree. In its center under rocks & leaves Abigael’s delight awaits you.

Regan’s Delight:

Both my nieces love ballet and are so fun to watch. However, I have only had the honor to make it to some of Regan’s ballet practices so this one is for her.

Continue UP the Old Pen Trail (15A)-from the “T” you’d take a right and continue UP left once you pass a gate on your right. You’ll reach a trail marker for Table Rock Trail (15) and Old Pen Trail (15A). Go UP. When the trail flattens for about 15-20 yards before it bends to the left, there are 2 boulders on your right with a person sized makeshift trail between them. In between them, about 6 steps off the trail under the first removable rock under the left boulder is Regan’s delight.

You’ve gone too far if when you go around the bend, you see two parallel phone poles up in the distance, or you reach the trail marker Table Rock Trail 15 & Table Rock Loop 16 next to a power pole. If you reach this marker then backtrack 75paces/150steps.

Continue up to find A-Bear Ready for Snow and TheCross.