Second Rock from the Sun(sphere)  LbNA # 30237

Placed DateApr 21 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Planted ByMoon and Sun    
Found By scouttrekkie
Last Found Jul 19 2010
Hike Distance?

The Sun has a diameter of 865000 miles. The Knoxville Sunsphere has a diameter of 74 feet. If the Sun were the same size as the Sunsphere and located in the same place, the planet Venus would, when at aphelion (farthest approach to the Sun), be located at a distance of 1.10 miles from the Sunsphere.

Apart from the Sun and Moon, Venus is the brigtest natural object in the sky. This spring (4-21-07) Venus is setting in west—You will see it high in the western sky right after sunset. Sometimes you will also see Venus rising on the MORNINGSIDE of the day, just before the Sun.

To find Venus’s box you will have to get back to your ROOTS. Like Mercury, Venus is hiding in a park that has been dedicated to an American Author and Journalist. This Author ghostwrote a biography that was named one of the ten most important nonfiction books of the 20th century by Time Magazine. He also wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning novel based on his roots.

Park below the playground. Find the small metal square and read it.
Proceed forward to the large circle.

The giant sits gently reading above the circle.
Go up to the giant.

When you’ve found his left, you’re right.

Look under what would be one of the roots of the giant if he were standing.

Bring your own stamp pad and make sure no one is watching when you go for the box. This park is often empty in the mornings. Put the miniscule bolder back in place when you leave.