Manny's Migration  LbNA # 30244

OwnerWhite Fam5    
Placed DateApr 21 2007
LocationMount Vernon, OH
Found By girlguides
Last Found May 29 2010
Hike Distance?

***Box temporarily pulled due to unwelcome publicity. This box appeared in a photo with an article on geocaching & letterboxing on 1/1/09. Box will be replaced when deemed safe.***

Manny is our first carved stamp--so it's a little primitive, but that is appropriate for a mammoth. Manny is hibernating in Wolf Run Regional Park. The parking area is located on Yauger Road, east of Upper Gilchrist Road. The terrain includes some steep paths but this is a fun trail area because of it. The trail splits almost immediately off the parking lot. Take the left trail, Woodlands Trail. The path snakes around down the hill. Your first landmark is a fairly small tree that the path abruptly turns around. You’ll know this is the right tree if you look to your left where a rock is embedded in the roots of a neighboring larger tree. Continuing on the trail, you can see ahead of you that the path starts to level out heading to the right. Just as it swings to the right there is a fallen tree where the mid-section has been removed across the path. Start counting from here. About 35 steps from the fallen tree there is a broken-off stump on the left. Manny is hiding at the base of this stump.
Please email if you have any trouble with the directions. (Box is planted with the permission of Knox County Park District/Mount Vernon City Parks).