Kickapoo Creek Park  LbNA # 30256 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2007
LocationLincoln, IL
Planted ByWestern Meadow    
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Drive through the park following the road around until you see a flag pole on top of the hill. Park to the left of the hill and find the “Scout Area” sign immediately across the road from the flag pole.
Cross the small wooden bridge and continue into the Scout area. Take the first trail on the left. Go down the steps and follow the trail along the creek. Stay left at the triangle. You should see a two trunk sycamore tree to your right. Next you will pass a floral memorial on your right. Look straight ahead and take the trail heading towards the rail-road track bridge.
When you get to the bridge turn right and begin counting the wooden truss supports. At the 24th support (only the fourth from the other end) look to your right. You should see a log jutting out over the ditch. It is hollow and you’ll find the letterbox inside.
Bring your own ink pad.

************Reported missing 5.16.07********************