Forestville State Park Overlook  LbNA # 30257 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 21 2007
LocationWykoff, MN
Planted ByWildflower Girl    
Found By LMN Treasure Hunters
Last Found Jun 8 2007
Hike Distance?

NOTE, 8/16/07: Sadly, this box had to be removed upon the request of a Forestville State Park ranger. Apparently, one must apply for a permit and then have the location of their letterbox approved by a park ranger. Absolutely no vegetation can be disturbed. Thus, since this makes it very difficult to hide a letterbox, no matter how careful one is, I was forced to remove it. However, I still encourage you to visit Forestville State Park and the Historic Forestville township in your travels.
~Wildflower Girl

The Overlook at Forestville State Park is a favorite hiking destination for me. It is especially enjoyable during autumn when the leaves are full of color.

Trail Difficulty: Easy, with a gradual incline to the top. The hike will take approximately 1 hour round trip at a casual pace.

Drive to Wykoff, Minnesota, known as the "Gateway to Forestville." Travel south through downtown Wykoff on Hwy 80. (If you have time, you may wish to visit some of the local establishments, such as Magpie Studios, where our fellow letterboxer, Leaf~Lizard, has "useful art" on display. You may also visit Ed's Museum, the Gateway Inn Restaurant, the Bank Gift Haus and Margaret's Tea Room, and the Gold Street Pizza and Grille.) One mile south of town, you will come to an intersection where Hwy 80 ends and Co. Rd. 5 begins. Continue south on Co. Rd. 5 about 5 miles until the intersection of Co. Rd. 12. Turn left heading east which leads you directly into Forestville State Park. You may need to stop at the Ranger's Station to purchase a State Park season permit ($25.00) if you do not already have one, or you may pay $5.00 for a daily pass. After the Ranger's Station, travel 0.7 miles until you come to Historic Site Parking. (There will be a sign on your right, and the parking lot is on your left.) Park here.

At the northeast corner of the parking lot will be a short trail to lead you to the old iron bridge. Cross over the bridge and take a left (west). Follow along the white picket fence to the overlook trail entrance. Continue on the trail for a considerable distance and take the first right. There will be a sign that says "Overlook." Go past the hitching post. Keep traveling on the trail, passing under the "corkscrew tree," until you come to a large wooden deck built over the bluff. Immediately before entering the overlook, take a direct left, passing behind the bench. About 25 large steps in front of you there is a large oak tree. At the base of the tree will be a hollowed-out burrow, and there you will find your goal! Please be discreet. This is a popular hiking trail.

On your return trip, consider stepping back into 1899 by taking an interpretive tour of the Historic Village of Forestville. This can be fun for the whole family. Tours are available Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day, Tues. - Sun.