The Strawberry Vine  LbNA # 30291

Placed DateApr 22 2007
LocationBurnt Hills, NY
Found By RCFam4
Last Found Sep 13 2017
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The Strawberry Vine

The hamlet of Burnt Hills is located at the southern end of the Town of Ballston in Saratoga County. Burnt Hills was named for the native American practice of burning the fields (the new growth after the fires would entice game for easy hunting).
At the center of the Burnt Hills hamlet you'll find the Burnt Hills Baptist Church, which was organized in 1783. The brick church was built in 1839. The adjacent Hillside Cemetery is the resting place of several town of Ballston founding families. The American romantic poet William Cullen Bryant, 1794-1878, lived during the time many of Ballston's founders were buried. He wrote a hauntingly beautiful poem entitled "The Burial-Place: A Fragment". Here is a part of it:

Nature, rebuking the neglect of man,
Plants often, by the ancient mossy stone,
The brier rose, and upon the broken turf
That clothes the fresher grave, the strawberry vine
Sprinkles its swell with blossoms, and lays forth
Her ruddy, pouting fruit.

By following these clues you'll find a strawberry vine laying forth her "ruddy, pouting fruit" amidst the graves of the Hillside Cemetery. Please be quiet and respectful of the setting as you search for The Strawberry Vine.

At the Burnt Hills traffic light on Route 50 turn east onto Lake Hill Rd. At the next traffic light turn right onto Kingsley Rd. Travel 2/10 mile and turn right into the driveway immediately after the Baptist Church. As you pull in you'll see a small "Hillside Cemetery" sign on a tree to the left of the driveway. Drive straight to the end of the blacktop and park.
From the end of the blacktop walk in a southwesterly direction to the very tall Jennings monument. Continue walking in the same direction to what appears to be a sandwich of monuments (Baier). From there walk kitty corner (east) to the tall gray Dunham monument. Stand between that and June. Look through the eye of the needle. You'll see a clump of trees cradled by Jacob and Jennie Van Vorst. You'll find the Strawberry Vine cradled there also. Please provide your own stamp pad or markers and pen.

While in Burnt Hills, you may want to travel 1/10 mile further on Kingsley Rd to visit the Focastle Farm Country Store, a Burnt Hills tradition open 8-5 daily (