Paxton Township Cemetery  LbNA # 30311

Placed DateApr 22 2007
LocationBainbridge, OH
Found ByBig Cat Club
Last UpdateOct 26 2011

"Famous" is MIA.......This small,old cemetery is located in town on 2nd & Mountain streets.Enter the area & take the 1st road to the right past Smith.Look for the 2 obelisks-1 being Blackstone.From there head East 12 paces & look for the service medal beside the old tombstone.You have found"Unknown in the USA"Drive on around the outer road passing Burnett-Eubanks-Campbell & Penn.Turn down that road looking for a many-armed stump to your left.The"Zealous Woodcutter" had a great time with this project but his best work of art is in the back row of the cemetery.Check it out-----From the south end of the stump row take a reading of 150* & walk 33 paces looking for Knisley.On the NW side of Knisley you will find "Famous in Bainbridge".