Candy's Cows  LbNA # 30323

OwnerWag Time    
Placed DateApr 21 2007
LocationLindale, TX
Found By suzyq
Last Found Mar 15 2012
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When I was about 10 years old, I met one of my Dad’s coworkers and his wife. They became very close to my family, and soon we adopted each other as grandparents and granddaughter. “Candy Man”, as my adopted Grandpa was known, and my adopted Grandma eventually retired and moved out of the big city and onto a farm in the Hoard Community near Mineola. They had some land and raised some cattle, and not much made Candy happier than just tinkering around on the farm and playing with the cows. Candy passed away in 2006 after several battles with cancer. This box is placed in his memory.

The Hoard Community is located between Lindale and Mineola. From Highway 69, about 6 miles east of Mineola, turn north on 1804 toward the Hoard Community (it is signed). Follow 1804 until it intersects with Highway 80. There is a large cattle auction/sale barn just west of this intersection where Candy may have bought or sold some of his cattle. Go across Highway 80, and 1804 turns into Wood County Road 2664. Continue on 2664 just past a driveway, to where there is a line of trees on each side of the road. Pull over and park; if you get to the stop sign, you’ve gone too far. Just before the tree-line ends on the left, look for a large hardwood right up at the fence with roots that fan out like a skirt. There is a slightly smaller hardwood right next to it, angling out a little to the right. The box is between these two trees, nestled under sticks and small branches. Enjoy watching the cows in the pasture behind the trees and tell them Candy Man said hello.