Little Church  LbNA # 30339

Placed DateApr 24 2007
LocationGalion, OH
Found By Albatross
Last Found Feb 27 2012
Hike Distance?

What you need: an ink pad or marker, and an ability to find SR19. A sense of history won't hurt either!

Directions: From the east side of Galion (junction of SR97 and SR19), take SR19 south. You'll drive for several miles. The little church which inspired this letterbox will be on your left (east), roughly a mile or two past the main entrance of Candlewood. If you get to a sharp curve on SR19 (caution sign suggests 15 MPH), you've gone too far.

Alternatively, from Williamsport (junction of US42 and SR19), take SR19 north. The little church is found just past a sharp curve in SR19 (caution signs list it as 15 MPH) on the right hand (east) side. If you reach the main entrance to Candlewood, you've gone too far.

Whichever direction you're coming from, the little church sits opposite from where CR61 intersects with SR19.

Come on a Sunday morning and stay for the 11:15 worship service, or come on a Wednesday evening, and stay for the 7:00 prayer service.

Now that you've found the little church, Mt. Tabor Freewill Baptist Church, here's how to find "Little Church:"

On either side of the church, you should notice a cemetary. Peruse the grave markers. Did you find the Civil War veterans (south side of the church, near the back)? How about the Revolutionary War veterans? Isn't the toll the weather has beaten upon some of these stones just terrible?

When my husband and I were placing this 'box, we noticed only a few markers from the 20th century, and one of these in particular seemed rather lonely. Find this gal - who we understand was rather fond of dancing, particularly the waltz (do you get the Ghist?). Near her is an arboreal carcas, and at its base, on the east side, is that which you seek.

As always, please place the 'box back carefully once you've completed your stamping, and make sure it is well covered.