Lost Valley  LbNA # 30354 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2007
LocationCompton, AR
Planted ByYogi    
Found By Lock, Shock & Barrel
Last Found Mar 31 2010
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Lost Valley and our letterbox hike.
We hope youíll have fun and is an adventure you like.

On the right you should see a fat twisting tree,
It looks like a sweet potato to me.

On the left sisters three at the bottom a space
Is this where the letterbox is placed?

Now up on the right is a parting of ways,
Straight ahead is where you should stay.

On the right wooden graffiti youíll see
Thatís something we donít like to see.

Across the river bed on the right
An octopus who wonít give you a fright.

Walk careful and look for tree roots,
Be sure you lace up your hiking boots.

Now on the right off the path a photo op,
Stand in the tree, this is a ďmust stopĒ.

At the directional sign stay left which is right,
The right which is not left is the wrong path,
Did you get all of that?

Now on the left amongst the moss rocks
Is this where the letterbox hike stops?

At the next directional sign go right
The right is the right and see a pretty sight.

Before the falls in front of you a small cave for one or for two,
Look up high, look down low
Where did that letterbox go?

Up the steep rock stairs,
Please be careful, do take care.

Now on the left look among the rocks there are holes
Is this maybe where the letterbox goes?

Steep, steep up to the top
Where youíll find something good and dark.

Head to Eden cave and not to the falls,
Where there are more trees that are good and tall.

On the left a large boulder
It hits just at your shoulder.
Behind and up the hill
A tree stands very still
At itís a base
a large space
Is this the place?

Itís very steep, watch your step,
Did you find the letterbox yet?

On the left look for a #9 metal bar,
The mouth of the cave isnít that far.

Enjoy the cave if you go
A flashlight is a Must you know.

Grab your back pack
And now letís head back.

A different route youíll have to take
Please go slow for heavenís sake.

On the left itís struck by lightening,
That was probably very frightening.
Look inside, do you see?
The letterbox left by me.

Under the natural bridge you go
Enjoy your hike go nice and slow.

Stay on the trail do not veer right
Is there some graffiti in your sights?

Back on the main trail now you are
Itís not far now to your car.

If you havenít found your treasure
Get your stuff all together
And turn around
until the letterbox is found.

Re-read the clues
Did you look real good?
If not then you should.
Though I did hide it real good.

If you enjoyed the hike and found all the clues
Send me an email and tell me something about you.


Put letterboxing in the subject line
that will be just fine.