Gull Crest  LbNA # 30388 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 11 2007
LocationCape Elizabeth, ME
Found By Cross Hillbillies
Last Found Aug 7 2008
Hike Distance?

Enter the Town Trail between the tennis courts and the lacrosse field. Walk forward past some homes and a large multi unit building. You will see a fork on the left. Follow this short path through the trees and you will come to a bridge. Take the bridge over the marsh. This takes you to the Gull Crest Trails. On the other side of the bridge, go straight up the hill. There will be a sign for the greenbelt trail. Take a left. At a fork in the trail, take a right. Follow this path uphill. At the top of the hill there is an opening in the trees. Take a soft left here to the skinnier trail (at approx 10 oclock). Follow this trail. At a large pine with the green G sign on it there will be a fork. Go left. Unless there has been some cleanup, you'll pass a man made "beaver dam" type structure then go under a large limb which has fallen over the path. You will eventually come to a bridge immediately followed by another small bridge. Between these two bridges on the right hand side is a tree with 5 trunks. Look at the center of this tree and there you will find the box. Please rehide it carefully. Enjoy exploring the trails.