Neopets Series -- Blumaroo  LbNA # 30395 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 26 2007
LocationPortland, OR
Planted ByStormWind    
Found By Team Springamajack
Last Found Jun 9 2007
Hike Distance?

This is my first letterbox!

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(Thomas guide pg.595 J4)
Located in Forest Park. From Cornell turn on 53rd Ave and follow it until you see a picnic area on the left. Cross the road and start down Birch trail.

Somewhere along the path, on the left side of the trail, you will see a tall, decaying stump. It stands taller than most people's heads and the bottom is about knee height. Continue down the trail 42 paces. On your right, at the edge of the trail, is a clump of trees with a broken stump. Behind it is a cluster of 6, both living and dead trees. Check behind the trees at the edge of the trail.

Please remember to be discreet. This trail is used by many people. Please move down the trail before stamping in and don't let anyone see you re-plant it.

Directions to the Xweetok box start from this location.