Ship It  LbNA # 30398

Placed DateApr 26 2007
LocationManchester, CT
Planted ByHillel    
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Oct 29 2012
Hike Distance?

The entrance to this area is located on Garden Grove Rd in Manchester, if you do not know where this is here are directions:


From 384 East – Take exit 2, left at the top of the ramp and an immediate right onto Keeney St. Follow the below directions
From 384 West – Take exit 2, left the top of the ramp. Follow the below directions

The Below Directions – Continue down about 1 mile and you will see a few signs for the Nike area, this is Garden Grove Rd. Turn left and follow Garden Grove Rd all the way to the top. Once you are out of the residential area you will be entering the Nike Recreational Area. The second to last building on the left is a yellow building with the windows boarded up and a small sign that says “community center”. In between this building and the third to last building is a little entrance with a sign that says “Closed to the public 10pm-6am. The trail begins here.


FedEx – Start out here by going around the left side of the gate. Immediately there is a large rock on the left side of the trail. Around the back under some rocks is the first letterbox. Please be discrete and re-hide this box well.

USPS – After re-hiding the box continue up the paved hill. The road will soon fork. Do not take either of these two paths; instead turn left into the woods. In front of you, you will see a down tree. Follow the log all the way to the left to find your second letterbox.

UPS – After re-hiding the box return to the trail and continue up the main path. You will soon be able to take a path to the right towards the court. At this point turn left back into the woods. Take 20 steps into the woods and you will see a four sister tree (all the trunks are very skinny), in the middle of this tree you will find your third box.

DHL – Continue up the trail and take your next right, off of the paved path, and follow it around to the other side of the court. Continue on this dirt path all the way until it ends at a “T”. At this point take the path to the right. Immediately afterwards look into the woods. You will two large rocks near each other (one white and one gray). Behind the gray rock, under other rocks, you will find the last letterbox.

After re-hiding the final box return to the trail heading the way you were going. Just before the path curves to the left you will see a path down the hill, and your car at the bottom. Take this hill to exit the park (in the winter this could be icy, you may wish to turn around and turn to your car the way you came.

If you have any questions feel free to email me ( or IM me (AIM: Hillel LBing)