Fallen Rock  LbNA # 30416 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 27 2007
LocationMansfield, IN
Planted Bystagaddis    
Found By herd of beez
Last Found Apr 29 2007
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Fallen Rock

NOTICE; As of 5-18-07 This series of 2 boxes had to be pulled. The property where they were planted has been sold and the new owner is obviously NOT a letterboxer and wanted them removed. Sorry for the inconvenience but the 2 stamps will be replanted soon.

Take SR 59 North out of Brazil. Approx 7.5 miles you will come to a sign that tells you to turn right to go to Fallen Rock Camping. This will be County Road 900 South. Continue on this road, traveling past the campground. You will come to a "shelter" on the right side of the road and across the road you will see "Fallen Rock" The reason why this is named Fallen Rock will be obvious. Park near this rock. There is a "trail" near the main rock wall. This trail can get muddy at times so beware. You are looking for an Indian Head carved into this main wall. When you find this, you are to put the back of your head against his head and you will notice a forked tree directly in front of you. Between the fork of this tree you will find your treasure deep in the crevice of the rock. Be sure to poke a stick in this crevice before retrieving. Critters love holes.

Rockin with "Shroons Clue:

Park your car or walk to the speed limit sign nearest the shelter on the opposite side of the road. Look at the two fallen rocks. Between these you will see a tree that is wedged against the back rock. What you seen is at base of tree.