Life in a Small Town: Kelley, IA  LbNA # 30417

Placed DateApr 27 2007
LocationKelley, IA
Found By Wanderlaus
Last Found May 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Checked and found in place as of March 17, 2012! The tupperware was broken, but I didn't have a new one with me when I visited. If you plan to pursue this box, I'd appreciate it if you could take a new one (needs to be about 3"x5" to fit logbook), since I now live out of the country. Thanks!

Kelley is a quaint little town, a true taste of Americana. With a population of about 300, the town boasts its own post office, volunteer fire department, historical museum, and more! Neighbors are friendly, streets are quiet and safe, and you truly get a sense that Kelley is a thread in the cloth that makes the American Heartland. I hope you enjoy a stroll through this quiet little settlement and remember the days when life was simple in a small town.

Bring Your Own Ink
Level of Terrain: Very easy, sidewalks and paved streets
Time required after parking: 10-15 minutes

Kelley is small, but it should be on most any map. It is about 4 miles south of Ames or north of Huxley, on 280th Street (aka Road E57 or Giddings Street). Located about 3 miles west of Highway 69 or about 1/2 mile east of Road R38. There is only one big street in town, an east-west road called Giddings Street once you're actually in Kelley. This is where your journey begins.

Park by the Fire Station and the Tom Holland Park.
Take a ride on the merry-go-round. It's not very far.
Then cross to the north and head down the street.
Go west, young travelers, your journey's not complete.
Walk past the Gustofson house and then past one more.
See A.G. Bell's invention that we've come to adore.
Cross o'er the street, then head north turning right.
Another park's on your left. Is there a soccer game tonight?
Watch for the white and red sign that marks the nice spot
Where kids meet the bus or get shade when it's hot.
Turn right again and walk down Weber street.
You're in the middle of Kelley now. Isn't it neat?
At the end of the block look for something red.
Firemen rely on it sometimes, so they've said.
At this place turn right and proceed to the south.
There's a historical hall that used to be a church house.
Stand on its concrete steps and then take a spin
'Til you're facing across the street toward a white garage, my friend.
Now take a very slight vear to the left.
You're almost to where the letterbox is kept.
Look up in the sky to the tallest structure around.
It's an important life source for all in the town.
This is the place that you want to be.
Look inside its legs, and the letterbox you will see.