The Reserve  LbNA # 30426

Placed DateApr 28 2007
CountyOther International
LocationPerth, Western Aust, INT
Planted ByMingnlu    
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Park your car at Midland Cemetary.
Walk down entrance road of the cemetary then take the 2nd left road. Walk down till you find a plain wooden cross (Gertrude Fischeris one of the names you will find). Turn down the street opposite then left at DIMASCIA (KOSCOVICH is opposite). Turn right at the T junction, turn right at the "dead" end followed by an immidiate left at the water tap.

You are now going bush. As you come to the edge of the bush turn left and walk towards and onto a dirt track (GIOVANI FRANCO should be on your left as you go towards the trail).

Look out for all sorts of wildlife from our loved bobtail to the laughing kookaburra, snakes could also be around so be careful. There are also families of Kangaroos living in the reserve so keep an eye out, they may be very close. In spring this place is full of wildflowers.

When you reach a cross roads turn right. The trail thins out and ends at a fence off area. Turn left here and follow the road as it curves left. Take the right hand track at the Y junction then at the crossroads take a right (should be an old car wreck to your left).

If you have followed the directions properly, just as the track starts to turn left you should come across a small creek to your right. Cross it. Continue through the 1st cross roads and then turn right at the T junction.

Take 19 strides from this corner, turn to the right of the track and there should be two gum trees half a metre apart. At the base of one of these, covered in leaf litter and an old dead branch is your box.

To get back to your car, go in the direction you came from towards the road. When you get to the road, turn left and follow the road through two roundabouts and you will find the cemetary on your left. Have fun!