Palouse Scenic Byway  LbNA # 30497

Placed DateApr 27 2007
LocationPalouse, WA
Found By Artiki Artichoke
Last Found Mar 4 2015
Hike Distance?

The town of Palouse is located in the heart of the rich farming area of southeastern Washington and North Central Idaho known as the Palouse. Palouse itself is a quiet rural community located roughly 15 miles away from WSU and UI. The gargantuan hills are formed of rich, wind-blown soils which provide large crop yeilds. The rolling wheat fields are the signature crop of the region but peas, lentils, and barley are also grown. The Palouse Scenic Byway, which this stamp celebrates, winds through the tiny rural communities of this farming region.

Getting Close:
Go north on Highway 27 from Pullman to the town of Palose and turn right on Main St. Palouse can also be reached going South from Spokane. From I-90 take the Pullman-Colfax Exit and go south on Hwy 195. Get on Highway 27 at Rosalia. You will pass through the towns of Oaksdale and Garfield before entering Palouse. Turn left on Main St.

To the Box:
At the intersection of Main St and Hall you will see a footbridge crossing the Palouse River. Cross said footbridge and go up the stairs. Turn left at the Mutt Mitt onto a dirt trail. You will pass Tree #094084 and #094083. There is an information sign with no information over looking the river (someone please tell me if they add the sign this summer!). Seven paces furthur down the trail, you will see a large ponderosa on the left. Go behind the tree. You will see 4 skinny trees to the right of the giant. In the middle of this group are 3 rocks keeping the letterbox from sliding down the hill.