Oyster Log Letterbox  LbNA # 30535

Placed DateApr 23 2007
LocationMarietta, OH
Found By GSD 1
Last Found Mar 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Oyster mushrooms are a popular wild edible that is easily recognized by the way it grows on wood in shelf-like clusters. It is relatively large with whitish gills that run down a stubby almost absent stem. It has a white to lilac spore print. Unlike many other non-edible shelf-like mushroom which harden into petrified masses. The oyster mushroom is fairly short lived lasting only a few days to a week at most. There are two primary forms of oyster mushrooms that can be found in Ohio. The first Pleurotus ostreatus, is the true oyster mushroom and can be found in the fall, winter and cooler days in spring. The other type, Pleurotus pulmonarius, which mycologists have only recently begun to differentiate, is found in the summer and is paler (and frequently smaller) and develops more of a stem. Its caps are tanner in color. But regardless of which, both taste great and make a welcome addition to most meals.

This box was placed as part of an informal exchange and I would like to thank Safari Man for inviting me to do so and for his careful placement and continued support for this box. Safari Man has several other boxes in this area (as you can tell by the clue and the map) so some further research may lead to a much grander adventure.

This aptly chosen park is located near Marietta. Please contact me using the contact the placer function on LBNA or the mail feature on Atlas Quest. Include your email and I will send you a 90kb map of the park. (You can also get a copy of the map from Safari Man or Penguin Patrol. Please specify which box(es) you are attempting). Once you have the map, the park name and location will be clear. Also be aware of runners practicing on these trails along with joggers, dog walkers, scouts and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Now for the clue…

From the west entrance of the park follow the Blue Trail until reaching the Green trail, passing some of Safari Man’s boxes as you go. At the intersection take a right and proceed along the green trail passing another one of Safari Mans boxes. Shortly you will have a dirt road coming in from the left (which goes to an oil well), stay straight on trail and notice the black oil or gas line a little ways to your right. Continue until you have another dirt road coming from the left (these last two dirt roads are not on the map) and here you will turn left following the trail less traveled. Starting at the tree before and left of this intersection count 86 steps and the trail bends fairly hard right and you will see two sections of a large fallen log, about 18 steps ahead, flanking the path on both sides. Go to the one on the left and look under the trunk end, under a piece of flatish wood and you will find the Oyster Log letterbox.

As always use the utmost discretion when retrieving and replacing boxes and always follow proper rehideation, so that none of the box is showing and so it is well anchored in case any critters get to nosy. If this box is missing or damaged please contact myself or Safari Man. Also, feel free to drop both myself and Safari Man a brief message to let us know how the box is doing and any tales from your adventure.