Mystery Series #1-#2  LbNA # 30569

OwnerLizard Mom    
Placed DateApr 29 2007
LocationDayton, OH
Found By Lizard Mom
Last Found May 6 2016
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Last EditedMay 6 2016

Murder Mystery Series. Moderately Difficult, a little climbing and walking.

This series begins in Houk Stream, a hidden strip of parkland tucked in the tiny suburb of Oakwood, just south of Dayton. Houk Stream and Elizabeth Gardens are full of kids and hikers on any given day, so please find and rehide boxes with care.

The brick streets in this part of town were hand laid in the 20's. The Dayton flood of 1913 drove the wealthy barons of industry to higher ground; men like Charles Kettering and John H. Patterson built fabulous mansions in imitation of European villas and English manor houses. Many homes in west Oakwood are on the National Register of Historic Homes.

Around the intersection of Forrer and Ridgeway Roads you will find a few areas to pull carefully onto the shoulder and park. Walk to the southwest quadrant of the intersection and see a large boulder. Can you see the gorilla scowling back at you? Turn right and walk uphill along the grass to first one bench, and then a second. Have a seat and catch your breath. Look ahead--see a power pole numbered D-5953? Stand at the pole, take a compass heading of 340 degrees. About eight strides takes you to a large walnut flanked by slender twins. Check the roots for Box #1.

At the southeast quadrant of the intersection, find the first trailhead. Head down until you strike the main trail. Head left until you run out of real estate. Contemplate the spill of two culverts over a tiny waterfall.

Turn back down the main trail and wander along Houk Stream. At all seasons this is a tranquil place-early spring promises wildflowers, birdsong and rushing water.

The path divides and comes together more than once-always keep to the left, nearest the stream. Pass a largish waterfall and look for salamanders. Continue to a smaller fall where the paths merge. Just off the Y of the paths to your right is a big flat rock. One corner appears squared by human hands; part of some ancient foundation? Have a seat and drink in the beauty of this spot. Under the rock, protected by V-twin saplings, discover Box #2.

The plot thickens . . .