Mystery Falls  LbNA # 3058

Placed DateMay 30 2002
CountyNew London
LocationVoluntown, CT
Found By Nairon
Last Found Dec 7 2013
Hike Distance?

Mystery Falls Letterbox
Placed 5/30/02 by Stephani, John, John Turner and Maggie the Dog
Duration of this walk could be anywhere from about an hour to three hours, depending..

This letterbox is hidden along a section of the Narragansett Trail near Green Falls Pond. There are several ways to access this trail but we recommend parking at the green gate on Green Falls Road. To get to Green Falls Road: turn on to Sand Hill Road from Route 49 in Voluntown (this turn is marked by the Studio Farm which sits on the corner); after turning left than right around one of the Palmer farms in the area Green Falls Road goes straight while Wheeler Road bears to the right; Green Falls Road quickly turns to a dirt road; the Narragansett Trail (blue blazed) crosses once and a bit further up on the left you will see the green gate; park here.

>From the gate walk along the dirt road (is obviously more road like in the winter/spring when there is less growth). You will soon pass the earthen dam of Green Falls on your left; stay on the dirt road heading up hill. You will eventually cross the Narragansett Trail (blue blazed) heading off to your right; follow this trail.

This part of the Narragansett passes through two campsites (one with a shelter) and then heads toward an old peg mill. You will first cross a brook with some beautiful pools and an interesting, rocky culvert. Continue until you see the water come out of the other end of the culvert; this is the peg mill site. Explore this area until you find a large rectangular pile of stones (at least five feet tall). From the southern side of this (about 200 degrees) you will see a round smallish bounder less than six feet away; the Mystery Falls letterbox is stashed underneath the southern edge.

>From here you can return to your car or continue exploring. This trail eventually returns to Green Falls Road at the Rhode Island border.