Superman & Cleveland  LbNA # 30582 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPastors Wife      
Placed DateMay 1 2007
LocationCleveland, OH
Found By Lock, Shock & Barrel
Last Found Sep 2 2007
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Jerry was the creator of Superman ... Joe was the illustrator.

Joe Shuster was born on July 10, 1914 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 4 months later Jerry Siegel was born in Cleveland, Ohio as Jerome Siegel on October 17, 1914.

Jerry grew up loving science fiction, he always knew he wanted to be a science fiction writer. Jerry wrote and submitted some stories to Amazing Stories and Science Wonder Stories. The stories were rejected, but Jerry did not give up. In 1929 Jerry created a fanzine called Cosmic Stories for his typewritten rejected stories. Today Cosmic Stories is recognized as the very first sci-fi fanzine.

Joe Shuster's family moved to Cleveland, Ohio when he was 9. He met and befriended Jerry Siegel around 1931. Both of them attended Glenville High School, and they both had the same love of science fiction stories, either as novels or comic strips.

It was shortly after the two met, they began working together. The two produced another sci-fi fanzine called Science Fiction. Joe Shuster was the Art editor, while Jerry was an editor, too. They published Science Fiction with a mimeograph at Glenville High.

Initially, they wanted to sell Superman as a newspaper strip, but since no one was interested it was not until 1938 that Superman was published for the first time, in a comic magazine. His appearance boosted the ailing comic business into a popularity that might not have occurred, had the newspapers taken the initiative in printing this highly successful character.

Unfortunately for Superman's creators, their story was less glorious. Jerry Siegel entered into a long and nasty legal fight with National over the rights to his character. Disillusioned, Shuster retreated from the comic scene completely. None of Siegel's other creations was ever successful in the long run, which he claimed to be due to his being black-balled from the comic industry. Eventually in 1977, after getting a lot of publicity for his case, Siegel got DC Comics, the successor to National, to award him and Shuster a lifetime annuity.

Siegel died in 1996. In 2005, he was posthumously awarded the Bill Finger Award For Excellence In Comic Book Writing. He was inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1993.

I'm planting this box in their memory, as my mother graduated from Glenville High School with Jerry and Joe.


NOTE: This box should be found during daytime hours. It is located in Forest Hills Park which runs alongside Eddy Road between St. Clair and E. 131st. Take Eddy Road off of I-90, the Shoreway, and go South on Eddy Road to Arlington Avenue. Enter Forest Hills Park from Arlington Avenue. Park in the lot and start walking on the pathway. You will notice a community swimming pool to your left, so be discreet as you're looking for the box if it's a warm summer day! Turn right on the path and you will notice a horizontal tree off to your right. Walk over and examine the tree. While there, look farther down and you'll see a grouping of trees, two of which are growing together. Look in the crevice between those trees for your reward. NOTE: Watch for neighbors who might be sitting on their porches ... be sure to show interest in all the trees!!!!

Inkpads are not provided, so bring a red (of course!) marker.

Other boxes in the area: For The Lake View Letterbox, take Eddy Road south to Euclid Avenue, and turn right. For Collinwood Yards, take I-90 East to E. 152nd St. and go south.