Guarding the Hitchhiker Hostel  LbNA # 30595 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 4 2007
LocationManchester, CT
Planted ByHillel    
Found By MAhiker
Last Found Jun 28 2008
Hike Distance?


Take 84 to exit 62 the Buckland St. exit. Turn right at end of the ramp onto Buckland St. Continue down and turn left onto Tolland Turnpike. Continue straight as it turns into North Main St. (at the BJ’s). Turn left onto North School Street. Just past Union Pond Park on the left, turn right into the parking lot. From here cross the street to Union Pond Park and follow the clues below.


The final box of this series is a Hitchhiker Hostel. Here is the definition according to

A special letterbox whose primary purpose is to facilitate the exchange of hitchhikers. In order to take a hitchhiker from the hostel, you must leave one.


If you think you can get passed all the obstacles on your way to the Hitchhiker Hostel, then good luck.

To begin, walk toward the red trail blaze sign. Walk along this path for a short distance until the path starts to have a small incline. Just before this look to your left and you will see a large 2 sister tree. On the back side of this tree you will receive your ribbon for your third place price.

If you feel that you can do better than just this third place price, continue up the path; where you may encounter a couple of guards. Continue until the path comes to a fork. At the fork look right and you will see a fallen tree. The first guard is hiding under some bark, where the fallen tree meets up with the stump.

Congrats on getting past the first guard, and continuing your advantage for the grand prize. Return to the fork where you left the trail and take the path to the right. Continue down the path and you will soon come to a bench on your left. Across from the bench in the woods you will see a fallen tree lying on the ground. Behind that you will see another larger tree fallen onto another tree keeping it at a 45º angel. At the base under bark the second guard is hiding.

Phew you were able to get past both guards. It’s not too much further until you can find your way to your grand prize. Return to the path continuing the way you were going. When the path forks, take the left path up hill, keeping the lake on your left. Continue down the path for a little while until you come to another fork. At this fork go right. You will soon see a down tree on the left. Next to it is a multi-trunk tree, around back is the second place prize.

After re-hiding the second place prize turn around and you will see a “Y” shaped tree. Around back of this tree you will find your gold metal. This is a Hitchhiker Hostel so there should always be at least one hitchhiker in there. If you wish to take one hitchhiker please leave another.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or contact me via AIM: Hillel LBing