Hartshorn Woods Bonus  LbNA # 30618

Placed DateMay 3 2007
LocationAtlantic Highlands, NJ
Found By RMR
Last Found Jul 13 2008
Hike Distance?

These boxes I added to the ones at Hartshorn Woods. You can find directions and a trail map on the Monmouth County Parks web site.

After locating Riding on the Highway head back down the trail to the Laurel Ridge Trail-from whence you came. As the Trail curves left opens up look to the left at the base of an oak tree. Under the rock and bark at the base is the 1st bonus box. This one is Jason's bike! I had the stamp to replace Riding on the Highway but it wasn't missing. So what do you do with an extra stamp but plant it.

Here is where you want to continue along the Cuesta Ridge Trail, which begins where Laurel Ridge and Grand Tour meet. as you go up this part of the trail look for a faint trail off to the left. 9 paces in look East to a stump with a perfect hiding spot. Inside is Sue's jacks. My sister was a pro at playing Jacks when she was a kid. I could never beat her.

To finish the rest of the Hartshorn boxes go back to the trail intersections and go up the LAurel Ridge Trail for the others.

Some day soon I hope to actually check on the other boxes there. And plant some more...