Homestar Runner Series Part One  LbNA # 30622

OwnerIndigo Vulture    
Placed DateApr 9 2007
LocationTitusville, NJ
Found By The Humming Harkies
Last Found Sep 23 2012
Hike Distance?

The stamps in this series are carved adaptations of four of the characters from the absurd website Homestar Runner. This series was planted for Cyclonic's "Who Needs A Theme?" gathering in May 2007.

To find these boxes, head to Washington Crossing State Park in Washington Crossing, New Jersey. Park by the Nature Center.

The Cheat:
* From the Nature Center, walk back out the road.
* When you reach the first junction, go straight to pick up the multi-use trail.
* You’ll soon come to a giant pull-up bar.
* From the pull-up bar, 24 paces at 55* to a tree with logs behind. (Bearing corrected 5/26/07.)

Homestar Runner:
* Return to the pull-up bar, and head northwest on the trail.
* Watch for J.L.’s beech on the left.
* From there, 140* to a bushy stump.

Strong Sad:
* Continue on the trail. It will curve right, and go through some dead trees.
* At the Y, look straight ahead to a five-trunked tree.
* Suspicious pile of bark out back.

* Go left (northeast) at the Y.
* At the next Y, another left. The trail makes a U-turn, and approaches a creek.
* Continue as the trail crosses the creek (it’s really not a dead-end). As you continue, admire the energy conservation occurring on your right.
* Follow the trail up the hill. Look for a 15-foot stump on the left.
* From the stump, 40* across the trail to a tree with a big hole.