D's Birthday Box  LbNA # 30642

Placed DateMay 5 2007
LocationVienna, VA
Planted Byfen5    
Found By paper trail
Last Found Jul 17 2007
Hike Distance?

*This box is very close to the Mole, another box listed on this site.

D's Birthday Box is located in Foxstone Park in Vienna, VA. From 123 heading north (toward Tyson's), turn left on Beulah. Pass Church Street. Turn right on Creek Crossing. Go 0.3 miles to Foxstone Park on left.

We left this box during our son's birthday party. To find it, follow these clues...

Happy Birthday to you, here's the first clue - go down the paved pathway to the right. Follow the path through the woods.

Cross the bridge and make a birthday wish by throwing a rock into the stream.

Oh no! The stream is blocking the path! Can you figure out how to jump across? You'll need some birthday luck and maybe a stepping stone or several.

Keep going. When you come to the bridge that crosses back over the stream, cross it. Your birthday present? The playground up the path to your left.

Play at the playground. Then continue along the path past the basketball court. A path goes to your left. Stand at the crossroads, facing the bridge. To your right in the meadow are two raised manhole covers.

The birthday box is hidden at the base of the tree to the left of the farthest manhole. Now have some birthday cake!