Placed DateMay 5 2007
LocationWashington Depot, CT
Planted ByRich and Lisa    
Found By Bungalow Boxer
Last Found Aug 20 2016
Hike Distance?

This Letterbox is in Steep Rock Park in Washington CT.

This is a great park with alot of features including a pedestrian suspension bridge, rail trails with a tunnel, trails up hill to spectacular views and a great deal of wild life.

There are a number of places to park depending on your preference. If you are not averse to driving down narrow bumpy dirt roads you can drive closer to the letterbox-cache.

The following web links are helpful:

To find this letterbox you need to locate the pedestrian suspension bridge. The bridge is approximately one mile south from the gate on the east side of the river.

Then once at the bridge cross over to the west side of the river and continue walking on the trail directly straight away from the bridge continuing on the yellow blaze trail. Beyond the bridge the trail eventually becomes lined on both sides with huge mature majestic pine trees.

Continue on the trail approximately 250 feet beyond the bridge where you will come to the first large pine tree on the right side of the trail. At this point you need to leave the trail and proceed on a 3 oclock bearing to your right up the hill for approximatly 200 feet.

Your final destination is just at the crest of the hill there is a large cluster of 8 pine trees growing together. The letterbox is cradled in the base of those trees.

The final destination is very obvious but you can use the following guideposts:

1. On the yellow trail beyond the bridge you will count 4 large pine trees on the left side of the trail until you reach the first large pine tree on the right. Turn to the right and depart the trail in this area going up the hill.

2. as you walk up the hill you will see two large mutant pine trees each with a cluster of about 6 trees growing together. These trees are approximately 100 feet up the hill from the trail.

3. The destination tree is about another 100 feet up the hill beyond these two trees and positioned almost directly in the middle of the two trees.

If you were to walk straight up the hill between these two cluster trees you would be making a direct approach to the final destination.

Please note there appears to be the den of a bear or a coyote just beyond the first two cluster trees.

There have been several reports of Coyote attacks in this region recently. For information use this link:

For Information About Coyote's In Connecticut at the DEP Web Site use this link

Note that this is also a geocache trade station so if you take any geocache travel bugs please move them to another geocache location and register the transfer on the geocaching web site. Thank you.

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Our Letterbox and Geocaching name is "The Honey Wolves"

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