Old Stone Church  LbNA # 30656

OwnerFour Arrows    
Placed DateMay 5 2007
LocationMaple Hill, KS
Found By Smoked Whitefish
Last Found May 2 2009
Hike Distance?

Old Stone Church

Exit I-70 at the Maple Hill Exit. When the road bends right, take the dirt road, Old Stone Church Road, to the left. At the church read the historical marker and enjoy the scenery.

Bring your inkpad...mine wouldn't fit in this box.

Follow the path North of the church to where it bends. Stop and look in the direction that is the side of the aisle Republicans sit on in Congress. When you spot William S. Crouch go pay him a visit. Looking over the top of Mr. Crouch you should spot a cluster of trees that have been chopped down. What you seek is hidden within one of them.