Madeline's First Letterbox  LbNA # 30657

Placed DateMay 7 2007
LocationZionsville, IN
Planted ByMadeline    
Found By Boston Terrorists
Last Found Mar 29 2009
Hike Distance?

Madeline's First Letterbox

My first letterbox is located near Bryan the Lion. Here is Bryan's clue:

"Bryan the Lion has found a new home in Lionsville...oops, I mean Zionsville. To find him, simply go to the park that bears his family's name. Look for a shelter that was once the original Pitman Moore family barn (at least parts of it were). Find a nearby path that meanders north. You will know you are on the right track if you find the following, in order: box elder, black cherry, red mulberry, and white ash. You will also pass a boulder garden. Find the lamppost closest to a 90 degree turn. From this spot, look for a seldom-used path at 0 degrees. Duck into the path and you will see an old fence, made of a rusted pipe and other more traditional fencing materials. From the rusted pipe, take a bearing of 270 degrees and go approximately 3 paces to a pair of old, rotted fence posts next to a tree. Old fencing is actually wrapped around part of the tree. Look at the base of the tree, between it and the taller of the 2 fenceposts and you will find Bryan nestled in his new home."

Once you have found Bryan, face West, and take about 15 or 20 steps forward. You will come accross a big dead tree. Look at the base of the tree, and it will be hollow. In the space under the tree, there will be Bryan's close friend and relative, Ryan! Ryan will be under some leaves, bark and sticks, so be sure to cover him back up once you take him out!

Feel free to email me at if you have any comments or if you found Ryan. Also email me if you have trouble locating him.

Congratulations to MeAndMyShadow for finding Ryan first! :-)