Over My Dead Body  LbNA # 30666

Placed DateMay 5 2007
LocationTitusville, PA
Found By Beekeeperdebbee
Last Found Aug 11 2008
Hike Distance?

Drink from my urn and you will behold
for I am the father of black gold.

Two cloaked maidens with gifts in their hands-
One of prospertity,
One the demise of man.

Look not towards death, but to the memorials of life
Follow her path and you'll find no strife.

Look high to the anchor
and follow the path
which begins with McCormick and Metcalf.

North on the stairs a climb it will be,
atop- an eternal hemisphere you'll see.

Walk round the side which wakens the day.
Locate the sphere where a trumpeter once played.

Peer through the trees and you will find
one once living, but now all a shine.

A toe points the way
to a stone path on the ground,
near a throne which flora surround.

Buried. Beneath RIP
the letterbox can be found.

BRING OWN INK PAD and/or pen.
I suggest GOLD.
Please be respectful and discreet.