Turkey Jerkys on Vacation in Cheeseland aka Wiscon  LbNA # 30677

Placed DateApr 29 2007
LocationPortage, WI
Planted ByTurkey Jerkys    
Found By Prairie Rose
Last Found Jul 25 2008
Hike Distance?

When traveling in Wisconsin near the Dells, be sure to stop at Rest Stop 11, the busiest one in the state. There, you will find a special letterbox planted by the Girl Scouts of Indiana troop 48, otherwise known as the "Turkey Jerkys".

Here are the driving directions:
on southbound I-39/eastbound I-90/94, milepost 113, south of Portage in Columbia County
GPS Coordinates: N 43° 25.998' W -89° 29.040'

Park in the lot and walk to the "SEMI TRUCK" parking area.
Look for a small service driveway that leads to a brown garage/pole barn structure. Stand at the right edge of that drive and take about 70 steps along the road at the top of the grassy hill(you'll be heading toward the dog run area). You will now be standing at the top of a hill that overlooks a tree line and a distant prairie. Stand with your back to the rest stop building and face the pine trees at the bottom of that hill. Walk straight down the hill from where you stand and you should find a pine tree with a pile of logs underneath. Carefully look under the logs for our letterbox. Please return the box and stack the logs so it is carefully disguised. You may want to bring along a larger ink pad since the one included is quite small. Thanks for searching!! Feedback is welcome!
**NOTE-I've been told that the grassy hill we mentioned can sometimes be poorly maintained and covered in very tall grass. You may want to wear pants to protect you from ticks when searching for our box just in case the yardwork isn't done :-)