Home of the Dragon  LbNA # 30684 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 6 2007
LocationDelaware, OH
Planted Bycrashupp    
Found By Reynold and Helena
Last Found Oct 20 2007
Hike Distance?

****As of May 2008, this box has been missing!****

This box can be found near Dempsey Middle School, 599 Pennsylvania Avenue, Delaware, Ohio.

Park in parking lot and take a walk towards the baseball diamond in the rear of the school. To the left of the baseball diamond and to the right of the track, you will see an opening with a gravel path that heads south. Go down the gravel path toward the pond, at the "Y" there is an orange post. Go right. At the next orange post, veer right again. Immediately on the left, look for a fallen down tree with exposed roots. Follow this fallen tree in the direction that it is pointing into the woods (about 30 steps of a five-year-old). As you cross the fallen fence you will see fallen logs and beyond that there is another large uprooted tree. Remove tree bark at the roots and retrieve box.

Please be sure to put it back exactly as you found it.