Chehalis River Discovery Trail  LbNA # 30693 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 6 2007
LocationCentralia, WA
Found By pursia
Last Found Jul 22 2012
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Chehalis River Discovery Trail

Welcome to the Chehalis River Discovery Trail!

Welcome to the Chehalis River Discovery Trail!
Hike length: approx. 1.5 miles with optional 2 mile add-on
Time: 45 minutes or all afternoon
Terrain: flat, gravel paths and mulch paths
Pets must be leashed.

Directions: I-5 Exit 82--follow Harrison Avenue (Old 99) north for approximately 2.5 miles--look for sign for Left turn onto Goodrich Rd.--follow Goodrich around curves all the way to the end.

From the parking area at the dead end of Goodrich Road follow Trail signs to Big Red Barn. (Please don't be tempted to drive down to the barn because the access road is for farm equipment and prearranged group visits.)

You are crossing a former WSU Experimental Farm that is now owned by the City of Centralia. "Biosolids" refers to the use of water from the Wastewater Treatment Plant and in the wetter months there will be ponds in the fields. Bring your binoculars but leave the bathing suit at home. Note to birders: so far over 100 different kinds of birds have been seen on this trail.

Just past the barn locate the beautiful sign by Amy C. Fisher. For the answer to Clue 1, how many deer are shown in a circle?
Clue 1: number of deer ________

Grab a trail guide to learn more about the trail at each white signpost. The trail guide is not needed to find the box.

OPTIONAL --- If you take the left trail (South Trail) and follow it to the very end it will take you through a Douglas Fir forest and right to the bank of the river where you might want to stop and enjoy a picnic. Notice the freshwater mussel shells on the beach and look for animal tracks in the sand.

Return to choices and take the North Trail for Clue 2. At the time of this writing the trail was blocked off at about .5 miles due to erosion of the river bank. Before this point you will come to the huge concrete "shower" that is really a vent for the Wastewater Treatment effluent pipe. Here you will find the second clue.

Clue 2: what is the number of the signpost marking the giant "shower"? [March 2010--have been informed that the signpost is missing. In this case, the number you seek is the number of Ancient Wonders of the World or the number of deadly sins...]

signpost # ______________

While you are here you may see the pair of eagles that nest across the river in the Black Cottonwood trees. There are two nests here and more around the bend of the river.

Return to the barn and notice the concrete blocks used for parking barriers. These were used by farmers who tried to keep the mighty Chehalis where they wanted it to be. It didn't work.

Subtract Clue 1 from Clue 2. Answer ______

From the Northeast corner of the barn count over the number of concrete blocks you calculated. Your prize awaits under the west end of this block. As always, wait until there is no one passing by and move away to stamp your logbook. Then re-hide the box carefully for the next person. Please contact Laughing Gravy at Atlas Quest to let us know the status of the Chehalis River Discovery Trail Letterbox. Thanks!

Hike Length: 1.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 0 feet