Broadway Series: Les Miserables  LbNA # 30695

Placed DateApr 19 2007
LocationClinton, IA
Found By Team Taco
Last Found Mar 11 2011
Hike Distance?

When Mr. Duck and I first decided to do the Broadway series, we were going to take turns placing boxes. I've fallen behind, but it's time for me to get going with my half of the deal. I chose Les Mis as my first stap because it's probably the musical we listen to together the most. We also have a tendancy to do it late at night and listen to the entire thing chatting the whole time.

This is a hand made stamp, please bring your own stamp pad. You might also want to pack your camera as the view is wonderful. As always, please rehide well.

Take your best route to Eagle Point Park just north of Clinton Iowa. (Les Mis fans- Clinton's high school colors are red and black) Park in the lot at the Visitor's Center.

Find a paved path on the west side of the building. Follow the path south over the bridge. Turn left onto the road and follow it until you find Cosette's castle in the clouds.

Find the door of the castle and take 65 steps, but only 17 steps up. From here take a compass reading of 250 degrees. Do you see the big tree past the road? The letterbox is hidden in the crotch of that tree hidden by some bark.