Cupcake in the Woods  LbNA # 30701

Placed DateMay 4 2007
LocationWest Granby, CT
Planted Byjust for kids    
Found By Hez, Grumpy and Mona
Last Found Oct 11 2009
Hike Distance?

Originally placed by just for kids and kindly adopted in January 2009 by Jonah's Whalers (who left the following clues in their original form, with minor edits).

Place: Holcomb Farm, West Granby, CT
Difficulty Rating: Moderate (not far from "Four from One")
Other: Ink provided. New logbook 4/08. Container replaced 1/10/09. Room for small HH. Logbook may need to be replaced in Spring after thaw.

Directions to Holcomb Farm:

From Hartford, Windsor and points south:
Take Interstate 91 north to exit 40, Route 20 west. Follow Route 20 for approximately 10 miles to the center of Granby. Stay on Route 20 west for another 2.6 miles, and then turn left onto Day Street South. Holcomb Farm is ahead 0.7 miles where Day Street South ends at Simsbury Road.

Our clues are written in story form, so use your imagination and enjoy!

Once upon a time, there were eleven little children who went for a walk in the woods to plant a cupcake. They began their walk from the Holcomb Farm parking lot and facing east, northeast, they crossed the street. As they opened the gate to march up a long, steady hill, they noticed the sun was directly in front of them (east). When they reached the top of the hill, they took 5 steps to the left (northeast) and followed the red trail on the right (east). Along the way, they noticed an old stone wall to the right of the path that was somewhat hidden by the plants and trees. At the end of the rock wall was an intersection in the trail. "Which way should we go?", asked one child. "Let's take a left (northeast, no longer on red) at the Two Sister tree," said another child. By this time, the children were beginning to get weary. Suddenly, one of the girls noticed a tree with three trunks stemming from one. She said, "let's rest here on this living chair and make a wish." While taking their rest, they noticed a small patch of baby pine trees just beginning their journey toward the sky. After a few minutes, the children jumped to their feet and continued their walk again (northeast). Along the way, they discovered a fallen tree that looked very much like people sitting in a canoe. They followed the length of the canoe and continued on until they reached a gate (facing north). Opening the gate, they followed blue eyes (southeast) for about 50 meters until they arrived at the Woodpecker Hotel. They stepped behind the hotel and sat on a rock. Reaching underneath the rock, they planted their cupcake in the woods. The End.