The Crock Pot  LbNA # 30714 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe crocks    
Placed DateMay 5 2007
LocationIndiana Township, PA
Found By fantastic4
Last Found Apr 30 2009
Hike Distance?

Our letterbox is currently missing! We will attempt to replace it soon.

Our letterbox was replaced July 6,2009!!
Please be sure to securely close the box to avoid future water damage. Thanks!!! We changed the location slightly when we replaced our letterbox since new blazes were painted so read on! Send us a note if the directions are good/bad or just a comment:)

This is our first letterbox and our kids really enjoyed the whole process! Please enjoy the park. There is a stocked creek, picnic areas,kite flying spaces,play areas,and great hikes to be had.

Difficulty:Easy hike, one steep grade then levels off again. Great for kids!

To find our Crock Pot,go to Emmerling park in Indiana Township(Take Rte.28 -Harmarville exit-to Rte 910W. Turn onto Cove Run Road (right turn after Emmerling Ice Cream shop). The park will be on the right. From the parking lot, facing the park, proceed East(left) pass the swings and play gym and Old Milldam School pavillion. Head towards Deer Creek. There is a trail with yellow blazes. This is part of the Rachel Carson Trail. Follow the mulched path around the Creek marked with the yellow blazes. As the path makes a "U" turn, note a lot of trillium there in Spring! As you head South after the "U" turn, there is a great flat area to skip rocks into the creek. Continue on the path. You will see a pavillion on your right. You will eventually see and hear Rte. 910. There is a new wetland area here to your right look for tadpoles or frogs!There is a path that runs through the wetland area to explore later!- You will run into a bridge to cross the creek. Take the bridge across. Turn left at the end of the gravel path from the bridge. Pass 2 sycamore trees to the base of an incline that is a dirt path up!. Note the yellow blazes and start counting at the bottom!!. This is the steep part, but it will level off again quickly. After 10 yellow blazes from the bottom take the path to the right. At blaze 12 it is a double blaze,you can see the 13th from there to the left. Follow that trail to the left. Right near #13 is a fallen log with a blaze mark on it. From this log take 25 paces and look left. You will see a stacked stone wall. You will find the Crock Pot in this area! Happy hunting!!