grumpys  LbNA # 30718 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 7 2007
LocationSomerset, KY
Planted Bypickleandthechick    
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Hike Distance?

Enter the Burnside Island State Park. Go a half mile into the park and turn into the first drive on the left (accross from the pool). There is a shelter on top of the hill- that's NOT the place. This box is in the picnic area before the shelter. Drive into the picnic area and park at the base of the jutting rocks.
Facing away from the rocks, look 45 degrees to you left and you'll see 2 cedar trees. Go down the path to the right of these trees. (33 paces from jutting rocks is 2nd cedar). Go 45 paces up the trail and you will see a forked tree on the right (elm?) 14 more paces you will be between 2 oaks. Turn 90 degrees to your right and stand with your back to the oak tree. Forward 3 paces, backward 2. Turn to your right 90 degrees. Bow to your partner and stand on one foot. Hop left 2 times, right 2 times. Spin 360 degrees (Simon didn't say to put your foot down!)OK, put your foot down. You've just done the Grumpy dance! (Grumpy is our name for our grandfather- he's not really all that grumpy!)Turn left 90 degrees. You'll see 2 'V' shaped trees up the hill. Go to the one on the right. On the backside of this tree (facing the path you came in on)look at the base.There should be 3 rocks covering the box. Hope you've enjoyed yourself!