Happy Birthday, Busy Bee (missing)  LbNA # 30729 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 6 2007
LocationBakersfield, CA
Planted Byhop along gang    
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About the Letterbox
I placed this letterbox in Bakersfield while visting my mom for her birthday. After unsuccessfully finding 5 letterboxes, several of which looked like they were vandalized, I decided the best plan was to just plant our own! This box is dedicated to my very busy mom, who was with me when I found my first letterbox and who is an inspiration to myself, my two sisters, and her six grandchildren.

About the Park
Tucked away just North of Stockdale Highway on Montclair is Centennial Park. This park offers relief from the hustle and bustle of city life, without leaving the city. Individual picnic areas, or covered seating areas, can keep you comfortable while your children play away on the wonderful toys located in the sandlot style play area.

If you enjoy playing with your dog, this park also offers a no-leash area enjoyed by many dogs and their owners. This area is surrounded by fencing and is large enough to tire out the most energetic of dogs!

Finding the Letterbox

The park is located at 400 Montclair Street, on the corner of Montclair & Marella. Park in the parking lot at this corner, by the tennis courts. Follow Marella east towards the stop sign at Fallbrook. You will see a stone house catty corner from the stop sign. Turn back around, facing west, and count 3 bushes. The letterbox is hidden up in the branches of the bush.

Please e-mail us and my mom (suzannemanning@sbcglobal.net) when you find our box.

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