The Building Blocks of our Future  LbNA # 30750 (ARCHIVED)

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*REPORTED MISSING* I went to look for my letterbox and it is no longer there. I will hopefully be planting another one soon.

“The Building Blocks of our Future”

History of National Teacher Appreciation Day:

Every young mind needs a spark to light the way to a brighter future through learning-and teachers are that spark.

For the past 15 years, communities across the United States have set aside the first full week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week, with the first Tuesday being the National Teacher Appreciation Day. During this special week, students surprise their teachers with well-deserved thanks.

May 6 - May 12 will be Teacher Appreciation Week 2007. Take special care of your teachers this week, and surprise them with a gift on National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 8, 2007.

In order to reach the Recreational Center:

Head East on the 408 and take the Alafaya exit.
Turn right at the light onto Alafaya, and then make a left onto the Lake Under the Hill.
Make a right onto to the road named after Samuel Clemens’ pen name.
Make a left in the Waterford Lakes Recreational Center and park in the nearest parking space next to the road from which you entered.

Now your journey begins on foot. Walk toward the bridge located in the middle of the river, which is made out of 12 white boards. This is not a bridge in which to throw Pooh Sticks into the water below, so be careful when crossing.

Once you’ve made it carefully across the bridge, continue on the path in front of you. Where The Sidewalk Ends, a black stream begins. Left or right? HINT: The hand in which you can make an L is the wrong path.

Follow the stream carefully and you will see a blue and white riverboat playhouse. You’re almost there!

There are two clusters of Giving Trees on your right hand side. At the second Giving Tree cluster, take 10+10+10+10+10+6 average sized steps. You will reach a Ghost Forest, which isn’t haunted at all. Beware of any FCATS lurking around. Go into this mini-forest and you will find what you seek.

Be careful of the muggles that may be out and about!