Ballard Series: Durrance & Huston NTD 2007  LbNA # 30753

OwnerPorcupine Power    
Placed DateMay 8 2007
LocationBradenton, FL
Found By Porcupine Power
Last Found Mar 23 2012
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THE BOX is in a new container as of 7/5/2008. HAPPY HUNTING!

Here's to the teachers we know on National Teacher's Day!

This is the second box and stamp in the Ballard Series. It was created by "A & H" to recognize Mrs. Durrance and Mrs. Huston for their teaching excellence (as well as the stellar work of the entire Ballard teaching team and aides) on National Teacher's Day 2007 (May 8, 2007).

The clue is as follows ('s a bit tricky):

There are several things that set Ballard Global Studies Magnet School apart from the rest. Outside, you see a majestic flagpole, palm trees, and live oaks all around the property. Inside, is a multi-cultural, architectural wonder. There's even Big Ben in the library. But this clue will not take you inside, as the box is OUTSIDE.

Every morning, "A" takes "H" to school. They walk through the West Bradenton streets hand in hand. They walk along the drop-off for car riders, and almost every morning "H" mentions there is a shell on the other side of the fence that she thinks would be a good home for her hermit crabs.

Getting into Ballard could seem challenging for some as there are many doors. But there is only one that we are allowed to go through. (Remember...the box is outside. Just because we mention a DOOR doesn't mean you should go through one. Just wanted to clarify that.) After we are cleared through the security point at the office and are distributed a name badge, we walk to Mrs. Durrance's kindergarten classroom. Along the way we often run into Mrs. Huston, who is the first grade teacher. "H" likes to read and reads well, so she goes to first grade in the morning. This is our morning routine.

For the teachers, the routine is a little different. Their MAIN route is to first find a parking space and then venture inside. On rainy days this can be a bit of a challenge depending on which side of the building they park on. But they come in and check their mail, make copies, and prepare for the day.

This routine may seem irrelevent to you, but we promise it is relevent. We're trying to get you there through this clue. But we are not at the school writing this. We're in "A"'s OFFICE! So take it with a grain of salt.

Back to the fact that this honors Mrs. Durrance, Mrs. Huston, and the fine teachers and aides at Ballard. On this National Teacher's Day 2007, we offer the following piece of prose as our dedidcation:

Ballard is a place of learning,

Everyone is welcome.

Hearts are the biggest asset,

Instruction is the bonus.

Never a child falling through the cracks,

Dreaming to achieve harmony.

Doing what you do,

Occupying children daily,

Winning their hearts and brains,

Never giving up on any.

Serving the littlest of people,

Practicing good character.

Offering outstanding instruction,

Until you have achieved,

Thanks from a student in which you believed.

Confused? If you get stuck, e-mail us at and we'll help you figure it out.

****end of clue*****

This letterbox is part of a series created by "H" of ADH who is a student at Ballard Global Studies Magnet School. This school is rich in history in Bradenton, Florida and is setting trends in education, citizenship, and environmental awareness.