The ABC's in Tennessee  LbNA # 30774 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMichel LaBranche    
Placed DateMay 9 2007
LocationTownsend, TN
Found By daisymiss
Last Found Jul 7 2007
Hike Distance?


The Appalachian Ballet Company is the regional classical performing ballet company in the greater Knoxville area. Founded by Cheryl Van Metre and chartered in 1972, the company performs major productions and repertory shows three times a year plus smaller performances and lecture demonstrations in the surrounding counties. It is based in Maryville, Tennessee.
See the following URL for up to date information. The stamp honors the ABC in Tennessee and the dancers who give of their time and talent for our enjoyment:
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The onlyest thing, the premier dancer, Michel LaBranche, has lost her ballet shoes on the way to perfom the Nut Cracker! Can you find them for her?

All you need to know:

Suggest you park at a public parking lot on McCammon Road between College and N. Court Street (go to Google Map and type in “McCammon Road, Maryville, TN” if you need a good city map of downtown Maryville). This is highly recommended if you are not too famiiar with Maryville.

Walk across McCammon to beautiful new plaza and enjoy the exhibit of old grist mills. From the overlook you can view the new Maryville Publc Library and your playing field. 'Tis a beautymous site, indeed.

A trail encircles the lake; you need to take the high road. Look for the pyracantha (no reason, there is just a lot of it).

A nice banc looks est at the pont du lac.

A natural surface rock with orange-red lichens amid the crown vetch hides Michel's shoes.

Thanks to Sunfleur and the Michigan Patriot for this beautiful stamp!