Monarch Meadows  LbNA # 30778

Placed DateMay 8 2007
LocationVan Buren, OH
Planted ByTrailmix2    
Found By Bullits Sweetpea
Last Found Aug 17 2008
Hike Distance?

Take I-75 to Van Buren, OH exit #164. Follow 613 East through Van Buren and approximately one mile out of town. At Bethel Cemetary, turn right onto Allen Township Road 229. Follow T.R. 229 over the bridge that goes over the edge of the lake and turn right, before you get to the Van Buren State Park sign on your left,into the entrance to the picnic area. Park at the shelterhouse. Follow the sidewalk to the restroom and then continue walking approximately 40 paces straight along the woods. Turn right onto the path that goes into the woods and follow this path to the stone drive. Turn right onto the stone drive and continue walking past the Scarlet Haw Nature Trail. You will come to a grassy meadow which is the group camping area. At the wooden information sign, turn right or North and follow the trail (by the pine tree) that goes into the woods. A little ways on the trail, you will come to 3 big trees that grew together on your right. Straight across the path from these 3 big trees, approximately 15 paces into the woods, there is a standing dead tree with almost no bark. What you are seeking is behind a piece of bark at the foot of this dead tree. Happy hunting!