The Tree Climber  LbNA # 30781 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 9 2007
LocationSchererville, IN
Planted ByTurkey Jerkys    
Found By Mischief
Last Found Aug 19 2007
Hike Distance?

From the Crossroads of America (Rt. 41 & Rt. 30), Head South on Rt. 41 to 77th Ave. Head East on 77th Ave. to Lincolnwood. Go North on Lincolnwood to Stephen Park.

Begin your search at the place where the Stars and Stripes wave. Take a moment read the plaque. Turn around (face West). Take six steps, turn right, and follow the path. Don’t take any detours, keep on going. Walk pass the area used for shelter. Continue on the path pass the restrooms. You will see the area where the courts are ruled by a racket and neon ball. You may want to climb and swing but follow the winding trail. Many will be busy playing soccer, so be careful. Continue on the path till you come to a place to take a drink. Now go off the path and find the clearing. Look through the clearing, pay attention to the trees. Find the tree with an oval face, just beyond you’ll have to find the two trees that share the same base. Don’t go far. Walk to the base and don’t look up “The Tree Climber” is hiding in the stump. So move some bark and there you’ll find just what you’re looking for.