Turkey Jerkys out on the Town  LbNA # 30811

Placed DateMay 10 2007
LocationSchererville, IN
Planted ByTurkey Jerkys    
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Feb 14 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden in a building so it is available only during these hours- M-Th 10:30am-10:00pm, Fri&Sat 10:30am-10:30pm, Sun. 11:00am-9:00pm. The travel time varies and the distance is about 1 mile.

Begin your search in Schererville at the intersection of Route 30 (Old Lincoln Highway) and Route 41 (Indianapolis Blvd.). This intersection is known as “The Crossroads of America”.

**It’s an important intersection in the town of Schererville. Route 41 goes all the way from the far northern to the far southern parts of the nation. Route 30 goes all the way from New York City in the east to San Francisco in the west. This intersection was first paved in 1934!**

Travel Rt. 30 heading east
Toward Teibel’s Restaurant where you can feast

Go under the metal bridge with railroad tracks above
Now you’re entering the town I love!

At the stoplight, turn left on Joliet Street
In Schererville, the nicest people you’ll meet.

Follow Joliet east a short distance and you will see some shops
Turn right into the parking lot of the headquarters for cops

Park the car and bring JUST your clues…it’s time to get out!
I’ll teach you what my hometown is all about

Go to where the 3 flags fly
You’ll see a memorial to heroic brave guys

Look down to your feet below
There may be some veterans here that you know

Can you find the Air Force pilot living his dream?
He is my Godfather and he’s as brave as he seems!

Can you find “Our Hero” who is an Army vet?
He is my Grandfather…the best one yet!

Can you find the WWII PFC who earned a purple heart?
Protecting our freedom…he really played a part!

Now it’s time to leave this very special place
Time to find the letterbox…don’t hurry, it’s not a race!

Head SE to the rear exit of the police parking lot
Turn right onto Wilhelm Street and give it all you’ve got!

Stay on this road and you will see
At Wilson St. & Wilhelm, house #33

**This is the homestead of Nicolas Scherer, founder of our town. Nicolas Scherer was born on June 29, 1831 in Germany. He moved to Schererville in 1867. He earned his living in real estate, the railroad and was a very successful farmer. Scherer planned his village on 40 of the 70 acres he owned and split that into 400 lots. In the beginning, there were only 25 families that lived in his town. Nicolas Scherer lived at this home with his wife Frances, their 7 children and his parents.**

Now, continue driving straight to the street called “Mary”
Here you’ll see a sanctuary

**This is St. Michael’s Church. The 4 ½ acres of property for this church and its graveyard were donated by Nicolas Scherer and the original church was completed on Sept. 29, 1874. It’s total cost was only $5000!! The original building has undergone many changes and the main services are actually now held at a new construction in the rear.**

Stay at the intersection, but look to your left up ahead
You’ll see a graveyard to rest the dead

St. Michael’s graveyard is where Nicolas Scherer lies
(he passed away in 1907 at the age of 76)
But your turning left onto Mary Street so say your goodbyes

Go down the hill that’s pretty tall
You’ll see our new Schererville Town Hall

Turn right again on Joliet Street, east you will go
At Austin Avenue, turn right. It’s up ahead you know!

Go past the park called Redar where we like to play
You could even take a break and stop and play all day

Into Oak Ridge Center you’ll make a right
Be very careful, the turn is pretty tight!

A strip mall will be on the right and on the left you’ll see
A building with a red awning…this is the place to be!

Look around for the place whose burgers are the best
Go in and have some French fries, a shake and a rest (whew!)

But first…
Stop at the register and tell them you would like to order a
“Schererville Burger with Everything”
They’ll give you the box! Happy stamping!
The Turkey Jerkys of Schererville girl scout troop #48 thank you for visiting our town and looking for our letterbox!