MN State Fruit  LbNA # 30815

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateMay 6 2007
LocationLa Crescent, MN
Found By The Britcon Pride
Last Found Jun 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Time: 45 – 60 minutes
Terrain: Long very steep hill

When it comes to a nice crisp apple, nobody is as game as me. But sometimes you have to travel a bit to find a good apple. Such was my case, but the need was important enough to land me in the right spot. Here I was in tnecsercaL, the Apple Capitol of atosenniM. Where would a letterboxer look for the kind of apple he craves?

Ah yes, let’s take a drive down First Street to its very end at a bluff. To my left I see a street sign for Stoney Point Road and to my right (assuming you parked your vehicle the same as me), a sign indicated that this is a MN Land Trust project.

The search for the Honeycrisp Apple begins by taking the wood chip path at the side of the road and grabbing the very first left you see (lots of roads to Rome here). Walk for a small ways and take the next right. There’s a hill in front of you (better get used to this). Head for that and ignore any more side trails. As you ascend don’t forget to note the apple orchard way off on the right. When we were there, the blossoms were beautiful.

At the top of the ascent you have a choice. Head left up another incline (get very used to this). You will reach a clearing with some small little shelters and a picnic bench. Pass by the bench (take a moment and enjoy the view of the town) and the little buildings and watch for a Y decision. Head to the right.

In a little while you should understand why I told you to get used to going up. For up, up, up you will go. This work (and it is work!) continues for quite some time. But eventually you will reach two stumps located on opposite sides of this ski jump…..whoops!.....trail. The stumps looked to be eight feet apart and are angled away from each other. Looking on the right, you should see a jumble of logs behind the first stump. Go to the first log you see and check out the back end. Apples galore.

Leave your mark and head back down the trail to the Y. Take the other tine of the fork. You will reach another fork. Either choice works to reach your automobile. Don’t forget to note the black squirrels. Too cool! Bet they eat apples too!

We don't live near by, so updates are appreciated.