Philippe Park  LbNA # 30817 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 10 2007
LocationClearwater, FL
Planted Byseekher    
Found By denjoy
Last Found Mar 23 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015

****Sorry, it's gone missing. 4/1/09. Will take awhile to get back down to FL to re-hide. I'll update this when it's back in it's place.*****

Carved and planted by Seeker and Mumsie.

Easy find/drive up ****MISSING- 4/1/09****

Philippe Park is a beautiful park along the bay [between Tampa and Clearwater.] This old park has a lot of history, it's where the Tocobago Indians had their main village. It is a registered national Historical landmark. In 1834 Count Odet Philippe settled there, thus the name of the park.

The park has some georgeous views! Nice trails to walk along with many benches to rest on the way. Take a picnic lunch if you choose, it's the perfect place with lots of trees for shade, shelters and tables too.

From Gulf to Bay Blvd, go north on Bayshore Blvd. Go about a mile or two, you will pass by Safety Harbor Park on your right. Keep going on this road, past the center of Safety Harbor. The road will turn into Philippe Parkway. In about a mile or so you will see Philippe Park on your right. There is a marina on the left as you enter the park. For the box, you will need to drive to the right as you enter then follow the clues.

Clues: Driving into the park, 7 is your lucky number.

In due time,
The HIGHEST plot you'll find.

Hike to the spot,
two resting points it's got.

Sit to repose,
Don't look for a rose.

Under a seat,
you'll find "Seekher's" treat.

This hiding spot is very snug, so when no one is around, please take the time to make sure you replace it far in as possible so it won't just fall off.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the park.
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