Museum of Charlotte County  LbNA # 30839

Placed DateMay 12 2007
LocationCharlotte Court House, VA
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Last Found Aug 24 2008
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Charlotte County lies between Route 460 on the north and 360 and 15 on the east. The Roanoke/Staunton River is on the west. State routes 40 and 47 bisect the County, and where those two roads intersect is the county seat, Charlotte Court House. In the center of the historic district is Courthouse Square. This is the only remaining courthouse originally built from plans by Thomas Jefferson. Behind the gazebo and rose garden is the Museum of Charlotte County, in the Old Brick Jail. The side door is unlocked. The permanent exhibit, “3 Centuries, 3 Statesmen,” celebrates Patrick Henry, the “Voice of the Revolution (18th century), John Randolph, first elected to Congress at age 29 (19th century), and David K. E. Bruce, ambassador to England, France, Germany, envoy to Vietnam, and first ambassador to China after it was re-opened during the Nixon administration.

“Charlotte County” brochures in the museum include a map for a walking tour of the historic district, as well as information on other local sites of interest.

The Museum is in the old Charlotte County Jail, rebuilt in 1930 on the footprint of an older building. The cells are gone, and the sink-and-toilet areas are now used for storage. The showers are still there.
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