Caddo Lake  LbNA # 30847 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateMay 12 2007
LocationUncertain, TX
Found By mailer & the nailer
Last Found Nov 10 2012
Hike Distance?

Carved By: PSGuru
Placed by: Blue Butterfly

Make your way to Caddo Lake State Park. It’s listed as Karnack, Tx. Even though it is only about 4 miles from Uncertain, Tx.

To: Floating on the Lake

From the entrance of the park, make your way to Caddo Forest Trail (¾ mile long). Follow the trail over a bridge and continue right on the trail crossing another footbridge. Stay right. Ahead of you will be steps leading up the trail. Climbing the steps, continue to a bench in “The Sands of Time” area. Face the "Sands of Time" sign, go back down the trail about nine steps to a small stump just off the trail on the left. the box is located between the stump and the fallen log.

To: Caddo:

From the “Sands of Time” area, continue on the trail to “High Water Haven”. go left at the sign that reads “Trail Entrance” to an area called “Getting It Done”. Read the history of the “CCC”. After reading the sign, turn around and walk through the “CCC” Pavilion to the back. Follow the small trail to a fallen log. Turn right and walk to the stump of the tree. The box is on the other side of the log near the stump.