Australia  LbNA # 30850

Placed DateMay 12 2007
LocationBlue Grass, TN
Planted ByWiddershins-for-life    
Found By NanniPapawTo4
Last Found Feb 28 2008
Hike Distance?

(this trail is designed for ‘Brownies’ (girls aged 7-9) but may be done by anyone)

What to bring:
- Your stamp
- Your letter-boxing book
- Your ink pad
- Pen or pencil
- Water to drink
- Compass (for directions)
- An adult (mom or dad)

What is in the box:
- A stamp
- A note book
- A pencil
- Some paper towels
- A ziplock bag
- My best wishes to you

Where it is:
- West Knoxville, TN, off Ebenezer
- Take I-40 to the Cedar Bluff exit go South to Kingston Pike
- Go Left or East onto Kingston Pike
- Go 0.2 miles and turn Right or South onto S. Peters Road
- Drive 1.5 miles to a shopping center on the Right (this is the start point)
- On the way there you will pass over a hill with a traffic light on the top, you’ll see Memories Portraits on the right and you’ll go under a train bridge.
- Park in the Strip Mall.

Let's begin…

Girl-Scout cookie season was back and dutifully Caelan reported to Ms. Owl. After an entire day of selling Caelan had been very successful but she was also very tired. Wearily she walked over to the mini-bus with the other girls and waited her turn to get in. Ms. Owl said “is everyone here?” and called off all 10 girls’ names. Caelan answered from the side of the bus through a wide sleepy yawn while she leaned against a similar bus parked next to the Brownie Bus. Caelan turned around and climbed into the bus. Caelan immediately fell asleep, but what she did not realize was that she had fallen asleep in the wrong mini-bus. When Caelan awoke, she was alone, it was dark and she did not know where she was.

Being a good Brownie she remembered that she should not panic and that she should take stock of what she did and did not have. She looked around through the windows and saw that there was nothing dangerous outside the bus so she got out. She walked over to a Brownie sized house in the center of the parking lot and under a light she inventoried her pockets: no money, a pencil, a notebook, a rubber stamp, some water, a compass and an ink pad.

Looking back and up she saw the time and made a note of it in her notebook. She wrote down where she was in case she had to return. Looking West she saw a giant red octagon lollipop and decided it needed closer inspection. Then she asked for help from a 24 inch fireman with a blue hat but he said nothing.

Caelan looked left, right d left again and went South, she did not have any bread crumbs so she made a green shape on a log just in case she had to return. She was going deeper into the dark now and really needed encouragement so she took a deep breath, stuck her chin out and whistled a happy tune.

The courage she got from that only lasted a mint end she sat down on a large metal box while she thought. She remembered the Brownie salute so she made a line for each finger in the salute on another log to mark the direction she went on the trail.

Seeing some wild yellow Irises cheered her up as she walked along the North side of a pond. She noted the location of the pond just in case it becomes necessary to find lots of water quickly for some reason. Soon Caelan came to a large cedar tree and went 13 grown-up paces to a smaller cedar tree.

Not wanting to attract unnecessary attention she silently moved between some objects and stood almost under Morgan. Looking out into the night everything seemed so dark and she felt so alone, even the grass seemed to have furry bumps that jumped along it. From almost under Morgan she stood tall and saluted, looking up past her hand she saw a cylinder for each finger in the salute. There is indeed power in the night sky!

Following her nose to the place of discard Caelan saw a hoop in the sky that still echoed of bouncing balls from daytime games. But alas, Caelan enjoys no games now, she has only the dark, the cold and her quest. She hung her head low and wandered East across 17 white stripes to a lying sign. As a cold wind rose up to send a shiver down Caelan’s back she wished for a campfire, one for each cardinal compass direction, but there time had passed and she had to go on without such warmth and comfort. She was a little cold, a little lost, alone and little frightened but she was at least safe as 21 giant green sentinels guarded her march to the 'Arch of Chime'.

Something caught her eye in the lights of a passing car. Using her compass she walked 70 degrees (magnetic) for 16 adult paces. It was Australia and home was ‘down-under’.

Now that you have found Caelan, she is reunited with her family and friends. Thank you!

Record your total time in the book along with your stamp and any comments. Please replace all the contents into the box, ensure that it is once again weather proof and completely conceal it from sight so that another may enjoy this trail.